10 Ways to Treat Psoriasis

Laser Treatments

More recent technological developments in the treatment of psoriasis include both excimer laser and pulsed dye laser therapy. These laser treatments are typically used in cases of moderate to severe psoriasis.

The Federal Drug Administration-approved excimer laser gives off ultraviolent light B (UVB), which can eliminate sites of psoriasis plaque.This type of laser treatment usually takes effect after four to 10 sessions of exposure. In general, psoriasis patients can have two treatments per week with two days between treatments.

The pulsed dye laser uses dye and a different wavelength than the excimer laser to break down small blood vessels that cause psoriasis lesions. Patients undergoing pulsed dye therapy have treatments for 15 to 30 minutes every three weeks. If the therapy is effective, legions begin to disappear four to six weeks after treatment.