15 Ways to Get Rid of Acne


Follow the Light (and the Heat)

Some acne treatments require significantly more hardware than others. Various forms of low-intensity light (colored blue, red, green-yellow or a combination) seem to be effective in killing the P. acnes bacteria. This is helpful in treating acne because when pores get partially or fully clogged, bacteria on the scene is attracted to the blockage and then multiplies, causing inflammation. By using a wandlike device, a doctor can painlessly apply the light treatments, which are only effective for as long as the treatments continue. There's a chance of mild skin irritation, but otherwise there are no side effects.

Using a special heat wand, a doctor can treat your acne in a similar fashion as through light treatment. However, instead of eradicating bacteria, the use of heat shrinks the size of the sebaceous glands. This results in less sebum production, and, with any luck, less acne.

Let's say your acne is gone, but you still have scars as mementos. What can you do? See the next page.