5 Remedies for Common Warts


Over-the-Counter Medication

The first course of action once you've discovered a wart is to make a trip to the corner drugstore. After all, you’re not the first person to develop them. Odds are, you’ll have several medications to choose from. These remedies usually come in two forms: a solution you apply to the wart or a patch to wear over the affected area, which contains the necessary medication. Typically these over-the-counter remedies contain salicylic acid, which gradually breaks down the infected skin so it can be peeled off.

Be patient – it can take several weeks of use before the wart is gone. Soaking the wart in warm water prior to treatment can help speed the process along. You may be tempted to douse the wart, but be advised that the medicine will work on whatever you apply it to. You don’t want to irritate the surrounding healthy skin in the process.