5 Tips for Reducing Acne Scars


Professional Help

You may resort to professional help to reduce severe acne scars or if you've tried less aggressive methods without success. Certain treatments require a licensed health professional like a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and others may be performed by a trained professional like an aesthetician.

Collagen or fatty tissue injections make acne scars less visible. This procedure is a temporary fix, so you'll have to get it redone every so often. Certain types of acne scars respond well to massage

Dermabrasion is usually reserved for more severe acne scars [source: Mayo]. It involves using a special brush to polish the affected areas. Dermabrasion removes most surface scars, and reduces scars below. A newer and less intense version of skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion involves a small device that blows crystals onto the skin, dusting off cells on the top layer of the skin, then using suction to vacuum up the sanded off particles.

Laser and light-based therapies zap certain areas and layers of skin tissue. When these wounds heal, the new skin appears minus the acne scars [source: Mayo]. Laser treatments require the patient to the office for repeated treatments.

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