Pore Strips

Homemade Pore Strips

Next time you're at the supermarket, take a stroll down the skin care aisle. You'll probably find several different types of pore strips, each one claiming to have an edge on the competition -- but in reality, they're all pretty much the same. You can probably even get similar results by whipping up your own concoction at home.

If you've used a store-bought pore strip before you know it's got two main components -- an adhesive and some type of material. To make your own homemade pore strips you need the same things --some type of adhesive or binding agent and some thin strips of cloth. If you've ever made an at-home pore-cleansing mask, then you already have a good idea of what kinds of ingredients might work for your adhesive -- buttermilk, egg whites, gelatin or honey to name a few. You want something that's going to be sticky going on and will then dry within several minutes. While the mixture you use is wet, place a strip of thin fabric -- pieces of an old t-shirt or sheet will work or maybe some gauze -- over it. Then, after letting it dry, you peel the cloth off in one swift motion as you would with a store-bought strip.

Try following your homemade pore strip application with some homemade astringent or toner. Witch hazel, yogurt or a combination of water and citrus juice can all work as well as most store-bought astringents and toners [source: Gabor].

Keep reading to learn how to use pore strips safely.