5 Things to Know About Dry Shampoo

You'll Be in Good Company

Dry shampoo is a way to make your hair look fresh when it's anything but. Depending on the product, you can sprinkle or spray it on your hair, wait for it to absorb gunk, brush, and then style.

People who love their dry shampoo (and some of them are like cult members) swear that a good product can give shine and volume comparable to a regular wash-and-style. Plus, they add, washing your hair daily may be damaging [source: Bouillon]. Shampooing gets rid of oil, sure, but it gets rid of too much oil sometimes, leaving your locks dry, flat and prone to frizz. Dry shampoo can keep your curls pretty between showers. And considering the devotion of dry shampoo fans to their hair care regimen, you definitely won't be the only one who didn't shower that day.

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