Scalp Fungus Overview

Scalp Fungus Treatments

Whether you contracted scalp fungus from an animal or another person, treatment options remain the same. You'll need to see a doctor, because to get ringworm off of the scalp and out of your system, you have to take antifungal medication. This medication comes in either pill or liquid form, and you'll need to continue taking it for four to 12 weeks.

Antifungal pills are often accompanied by an antifungal shampoo. Unfortunately, the shampoo alone will not cure you of ringworm, so you'll have to keep taking your medicine until the infection clears up. If you think you have been exposed to scalp fungus but are not showing symptoms of the condition, use an antifungal shampoo for two weeks to prevent the ringworm from settling into your scalp [source: WebMD, Berman].

To diagnose scalp fungus, your doctor will most likely only need to look at your skin. The doctor might take a sample of the affected skin or hair to further examine under a microscope [source: American Academy of Family Physicians]. Another test, called a Wood's Lamp test, uses a blue, ultraviolet light to determine whether or not a patient has ringworm. It's usually done at the dermatologist's office, in a dark room. A doctor will typically hold the light about four or five inches (10.2 to 12.7 centimeters) from the affected area of skin while looking for any changes in color [source: Lewis].

While you do need to see a doctor if you have scalp fungus, there are things you can do at home to prevent and contain the condition. For tips on home remedies for scalp fungus, read the information on the next page.