5 Benefits of Scalp Massage


Beyond fingertips: Scalp massage brushes

Head massaging tools aren't a new idea -- at salons the beginning of the 20th century you might find yourself treated to a mechanical rubber-fingered head rub courtesy of a massage-delivering machine.

Today if you're looking for something more than fingers and hands on your head -- and you don't have a salon appointment -- there are gadgets out there such as scalp massage brushes to help with your head rub.

Scalp massage brushes are smaller than hairbrushes, only about the size of a tennis ball, with thick bristles made just for the job at hand (the bristles on your hairbrush are designed for hair, while the bristles on a scalp brush as, you guessed it, designed for the scalp).

Massage brushes will give you the same benefits as a massage done with hands, fingers and thumbs, and if you use it while you shower you'll also add additional scalp-cleaning and root-strengthening benefits to your shampoo routine.