5 Benefits of Scalp Massage


Ayurvedic scalp massage

You may find your massage therapist uses more than just fingertips to work out the knots and soothe muscle tension in your body. Most of us are familiar with the types of massage that involve fingers and hands, and maybe elbows and forearms as well -- but there are also forms of massage such as shiatsu, a deep-tissue massage, where a therapist walks all over you, literally. While that may break the tension in your back, what about the scalp?

Head massage is common practice in Indian culture and is part of the ayurvedic tradition, a form of holistic medicine. Ayurvedic scalp massage includes massaging the whole head, including the forehead, face, ears and chin as well as the neck, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands. Some practitioners incorporate essential oils into massage, helping you achieve a meditative state during the session. Ayurvedic scalp massage is believed to not only give us balance by reducing tension, anxiety and stress in the body but it may also stimulate the lymphatic system.

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