10 Conditions That Make People Sweat Too Much



Of course menopause made this list. BakBG/iStock/Thinkstock
Of course menopause made this list. BakBG/iStock/Thinkstock

Hot flashes and night sweats -- two of the signs that a woman is going through menopause. If you're a guy and won't ever experience this joy for yourself, you've most certainly seen a close female friend or family member get flushed and sweaty for seemingly no reason at all.

Well, there is a good reason for this excess sweating. Hormones. Women's bodies are being altered rapidly in unseen ways, courtesy of unpredictable changes in hormone production by their ovaries, the two main culprit hormones being estrogen and progesterone. These chemical substances travel through the blood to other parts of the body and can control how cells work. For example, estrogen can affect the cells in your blood vessels, causing them to expand. So during a hot flash, women's faces and upper bodies get red and flushed thanks to these blood vessels expanding. The result is excessive heat and, oftentimes, excessive sweating several times an hour, a few times a day, or maybe as little as a couple times a week.

Keep reading to learn way how hormones can make you sweat more than C+C Music Factory.