Top 10 Tips for Preventing Underarm Odor


Choose Breathable Fabrics

Choose your clothing carefully to help keep underarm odor away. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and wool, are an excellent choice because they are known for their ability to keep air circulating and wetness away. Cotton T-shirts and dress shirts help keep you comfortable, looking good, and feeling confident throughout the day.

When you're heading to the gym or the running trail, even traveling in warmer climates, workout wear and clothing made from breathable synthetic fabrics can help minimize underarm odor, even during the sweatiest workouts or temperature changes. These fabrics work because they wick moisture away from your skin, spreading across the fabric where it evaporates quickly.

The latest innovation in stink-free athletic wear is the addition of silver, known for its ability to neutralize bacteria. Without odor-causing bacteria, you and your clothing stay fresh and odor-free!