Top 10 Tips for Preventing Underarm Odor


Keep Underarms Dry and Clean-shaven

Clean and dry underarms are often odor-free underarms.
Clean and dry underarms are often odor-free underarms.
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If underarm odor is really getting you down, consider removing or trimming your underarm hair. The hair that grows naturally under there can trap sweat, supporting the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Throughout history, shaving underarms for men and women has been closely tied to cultural standards of attractiveness and religious preferences. Even in ancient times, women went to great lengths to keep their bodies smooth and hairless, while men generally went along with the hair growth that nature provided. Today, most women keep their armpits clean-shaven. Thanks to the metrosexual movement, more and more men are including underarm hair maintenance as a part of their daily grooming habits.

In fact, there's new evidence that clean underarms are more attractive to the opposite sex. A study from the Czech Republic reports that when females sniffed odor samples from shaved armpits and armpits with hair grown for six to 10 weeks, they preferred the smell of hairless pits [source: Shortsleeve].

Even if you choose not to shave your armpit hair, make sure that you wash that hair thoroughly to prevent odor-causing bacteria from multiplying and resulting in an unpleasant aroma.