Top 10 Tips for Preventing Underarm Odor


Watch What You Eat

Load up on the veggies if you want to stay odor-free.
Load up on the veggies if you want to stay odor-free.
Pando Hall/Getty Images

The old adage says that you are what you eat, and it turns out that your food choices may have an impact on the way you smell! If you're trying to fight body odor, stay away from foods that are heavy on garlic, curry and onions. They include a volatile sulfuric substance that you can carry in your sweat. Blue cheese, cabbage and vinegar may also contribute to an unpleasant body odor. In fact, if a food has a strong aroma before you eat, chances are it may linger in your system long after your meal [source: WebMD].

Eating red meat can also result in a distinctive body odor. According to a study published in 2006 in "Chemical Senses," men who followed nonmeat diets smelled better than those who did not [source: Saad].

If you want to do everything you can to prevent underarm odor, load up your plate with fish, chicken, vegetables and fresh fruits, avoid strong spices, and be sure to drink lots of water. You'll be glad you did!