Top 10 Tips for Stopping Underarm Sweating

Reduce Stress
Sometimes, you can combat sweat with a little rest and relaxation.
Sometimes, you can combat sweat with a little rest and relaxation.
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A healthy lifestyle that includes exercise will help your body handle long-term stress, perform at its optimum level and keep underarm sweating under control.

Sometimes our emotions can get the best of us, especially when operating under career-, economic- or relationship-related stressors. And all this stress can lead to excessive sweating. It helps to learn how to relax and manage stress in difficult situations. Some people find that deep breathing, doing meditation each day or simply making time for enjoyable pursuits can be helpful tools. In addition, aerobic exercise can release tension and increase confidence, and yoga (or any other practice that focuses on becoming more aware of your body and your breath) can have a calming effect [source: Anxiety Disorders Association of America].

Biofeedback, a process designed to measure certain functions like heart rate and body temperature in real time, can also help to reduce stress. And keeping healthy by eating a balanced diet never hurts. In the next section, learn more about how the things you eat and drink can affect how much you sweat.

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