5 Myths About Aging and Your Health

Getting older doesn't doom you to a life of senility or being cooped-up indoors wearing adult diapers. Most people can remain healthy, active, continent and even intimate well into their senior years. See more healthy aging pictures.

So far, nobody's managed to locate the fabled fountain of youth or discover a secret formula to keep us from aging (though beauty product companies seem to try). In other words, we're all getting older.

But aging isn't something to fear or worry about -- it's a natural process that we actually know quite a lot about. In fact, many of the negative things we hear about what happens as we get older -- and have come to accept as facts -- simply aren't true. These myths and stereotypes can make some people dread the aging process, and they can also negatively affect how we relate to older people.

Here, we'll dispel five common myths about aging and your health that may make you think twice about what it means to get older.