5 Myths About Aging and Your Health

You Won't Be Able to Take Care of Yourself

Many of us think that once we reach a certain age, we'll inevitably find our way to a dependent care facility, such as a nursing home. But did you know that only about 5 percent of elderly people live in full-time care facilities? Most live on their own in their homes or apartments, and many lead active lives in independent living communities [source: Simmers].

Getting older doesn't always mean you'll have to rely completely on others to help you get by. These days, there are countless options for late-in-life care, ranging from completely independent living to assisted living and full-time care. Furthermore, even if you do need help late in life, that doesn't mean you'll have to rely on impersonal care from strangers. In fact, for those who receive in-home help, 70 percent of the care comes from family and friends [source: Agich].

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