10 Popular Baby Boomer Activities

Spiritual and Social Experiences

Though their approaches in life may vary, most boomers strive to participate in activities spiritually and socially meaningful.

Maintaining a level of solidarity and friendship is a balance everyone must strike, but boomers are more adamant about doing certain things alone or within small social groups of close family and friends [source: Sperazza, Banerjee ]. The generation has endured much social and political uncertainty over the years, and most boomers find relaxing with friends and family to be the key to happiness.

In contrast to their parents and perhaps even younger generations, baby boomers prefer more public, face-to-face outings, which is why socials, art galleries, sporting events and cultural experiences are so popular among the group. Interacting with people in public rather than staying at home comes natural to this outgoing generation. Also, surveys have found that baby boomers plan on taking advantage of living in communities tailored to their generation [source: MetLife]. Time will tell if the majority of boomers will follow suit. Some won't because of their need to maintain independence, while others may seek closer quarters with their fellow boomers.

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