10 Video Games for Baby Boomers

Online game Farmerama allows players to grow crops, and also grow bonds with other players.
Online game Farmerama allows players to grow crops, and also grow bonds with other players.
Image courtesy of Farmerama.com

Anyone who has even occasional online exposure has no doubt heard about the Facebook-based game known as Farmville. Lesser-known, perhaps, is Farmerama, an online game from Bigpoint that allows you to run a farm -- from tilling land and raising animals, to planting and harvesting crops that you sell in the nearby town. It is fast becoming a global sensation and costs nothing to join. The game not only allows players to grow crops, they can also grow bonds with other players by planting community flower gardens and inviting friends to join in -- providing boomers the sociability they so enjoy in gaming.

The characters in the game were designed specifically with women in mind (which is why they have big eyes, according to the game developers), but the experience can easily be enjoyed by men as well. Or, for guys who want to escape the country air, there's RamaCity, another release from Bigpoint, specifically targeted to men. Male boomers are likely to appreciate the social component of this game as well -- as they can send citizens to the cities of other players to assist with getting things running smoothly.

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