10 Things to Ask When Visiting Parents in a Home

To make sure your mom or dad is receiving the best care possible, ask them several key questions the next time you visit.

There are questions you ask as a polite formality, like "How are you?" There are questions that ask for a definitive yes or no, such as "Will you marry me?" And then there are questions you ask to find out more information.

When you visit a parent in a long-term care facility, there is an emotional back story. It might contain the death of a spouse, the pain of a long illness, the guilt of not being able to take care of someone anymore. But while you know the back story and how it might influence the present, the missing piece is what's going on when you're not around.

So to ease your mind and make sure that mom or dad is being taken care of properly, we've put together 10 questions you should ask them to help you get a better picture of their day-to-day life.