Top 5 Amenities in Assisted Living Facilities



Seniors typically move to assisted living to ensure they will be safe and receive needed physical and emotional care. The level of care varies, though. Most facilities offer help with everything from dressing and bathing to physical therapy.

Some assisted living facilities offer on-site medication management and assistance. This is a comfort to the senior and family members, knowing that staff will ensure scheduled medications are taken daily and on time. Medication management, too, is a convenient amenity. Seniors can, without having to make a special visit to a pharmacist or doctor, rest assured that interactions among different medications will not have an adverse affect.

For safety, those choosing among different facilities and the rooms within them should look for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Even if they're unnecessary now, features like bathrooms with accessible showers, grab bars, and plenty of space for walkers and wheelchairs may be needed in the future. Does each room have a call button? The ability to press a button when in crisis is an emotional comfort and can ensure quick assistance. Likewise, 24-hour security can help residents feel safe in their beds.

A number of assisted living organizations care for seniors' well-being as the levels of required care change over time. Continuing care allows a senior to begin residence in independent living, then progress to assisted living or nursing care as needed, all in one facility.