5 Ways to Prevent a Fall in the Home


Use Fall Prevention Aids

Just moving items out of the way and making minor adjustments to your home might not be enough to prevent a fall.

If your doctor or physical therapist has suggested that you begin using a mobility aid such as a cane or walker, get one, learn how to use it correctly and use it all the time. Although at first you may dislike the idea of using one, it can mean the difference between getting around your home safely and ending up injured due to a fall.

The bathroom might be the most hazardous place as far as falls are concerned. Bathing can be made safer by installing hand bars and nonslip mats, or nonskid seats that allow you to sit while showering. There are also raised toilet seats with handrails and grabber bars that can assist with getting up and down.

If you need to get to hard-to-reach items, consider buying a grabber or pick-up tool. You can use it for everything from reaching above your head to picking something up off the floor. These tools come in different lengths for different uses so that you don't have to wait to ask for help or risk falling while bending over or using a stool.

Unless you regularly wear platform shoes or spike heels, you may not think much about your footwear. Next, see how new shoes can help prevent a fall.