5 Ways to Deal with Kids Returning to the Empty Nest


Make a Timeline

In American culture, many people look down on a healthy adult who hasn't left home. For your child's self-esteem, he or she can't stay with you forever.

Make a plan of action and a timeline together. If you can do it in a supportive way, it should energize your child -- we all like to have a plan of attack.

Come up with measurable goals: Send the resume to three people for feedback. Attend one networking event per week. Sign up for one class or workshop a month to add some extra shine to the resume -- Adobe Photoshop certification, for example.

Help your kid set a date for planning to move out, and goal dates for finding a roommate and a new place to stay.

Having a checklist and a goal to work toward will give your young adult a sense of purpose and direction -- and will make sure no one is shuffling into your kitchen at 1 p.m. asking if you've bought any Lucky Charms.