10 Pieces of Retiree Dating Advice

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Valueline/Jack Hollingsworth/Thinkstock

In May 2011, the oldest couple in history to tie the knot entered into married life. Their story offers a lot in the way of dating advice for retirees, whether looking to date casually or to find the "marrying kind." The newlyweds, Californians Rose Pollard Lunsway and Forrest Lunsway, both widowed, found love on a blind date at a dance after each having lived long and varied lives. The bride thought that she would never marry again, but vowed she'd marry her man when he turned 100. Her boyfriend courted his wife-to-be while living 40-miles apart and dating for 30 years. His 90-years-young bride kept her promise and said "I do" on his centennial birthday [source: Coffey].

While this may not be "proof" that you really can find love at any age, it is a true story of blind dating, widowhood, being unsure of remarriage and enjoying each other while taking it slow.

You might be looking for love and not finding it, but embracing all of the "likes" along the way is truly the stuff of life "right now." It can be difficult and sometimes even a lot easier to stay home or stay as you are -- especially after a bad dating experience or two -- but it can get better. Maybe you're not even looking for love but are looking to date for fellowship and companionship to enhance your single life, and that can be a long and happy road, too.

Whatever your reason, whether it is the loss of a spouse, lifelong singlehood or divorce, retiree dating is a lot like younger dating: You can probably benefit from a pointer or two.