10 Pieces of Retiree Dating Advice

Be Open Minded

If you're ready to enter or re-enter the dating world, or if you're looking to increase your already active dating life, are you seeing endless possibilities or few options? Dating has lost its "sitting home by the phone" and quaint but out-dated formality, and maybe it's time to reconsider your options.

Perhaps it's been a long time since you've "played the field," so being open to the less formal advances of today's dating dance may take some getting used to. It's fine to be casual and friendly with the opposite sex and test the waters. Taking a chance on small talk with someone who interests you might not lead you to "the one," but that sting of rejection is almost always fleeting. The more you try approaching others, the easier it gets to let the "nos" go and the "yeses" flow into easy conversation or a planned meeting. Most likely, it's the chance not taken that will linger in your memory much longer.

Another chance to show your openness to new dating possibilities is to start accepting offers from friends and family who "know a nice retired gentleman in my building" or "work with the sweetest widow in my office." Even if your loved ones are pushing matchmaking with people you aren't connecting with, there are always stories of long-lasting, head-over-heels in-love meetings that weren't supposed to work out, as well as fantastic friendships that started on dates where there was no chemistry but lots of fun. Who knows, a setup may be a let down, but some bad dates can lead to great friendships.

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