10 Pieces of Retiree Dating Advice

Involve Family and Friends

Sure, it's nobody's business what you do with your life as a grown man or woman, but are you sure you want to go it alone, just you and the "dating world?" Loved ones not only worry and tend to give unwanted -- though sometimes very good -- advice, they also love you and love sharing life with you. Getting feedback about potential dates and sharing the adventure of meeting and planning an outing with someone new is something to get excited about, and most people close to you will share in your excitement. Let them support you while you learn to filter the unsolicited advice from time to time.

Although we've all had to acknowledge "My mother was right," or "My buddy knew exactly what was coming" after falling on our faces or just spending a couple of hours that could have been avoided if we'd listened, it's never too late to accept advice and take what you will. It's really not much different than dating as a teenager or young adult: Those closest to you can discern things about people that you may not see yourself. Keep them in the loop.

It's also important at the very least to let someone know the "who, what, where and when" of a date for safety reasons. Make your schedule an open book when it comes to meeting with dates so friends and family can be assured that you're safe.

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