10 Pieces of Retiree Dating Advice

Join Groups

Most TV sitcoms have an episode or three devoted to the hapless misadventures of guys or girls trying to impress or "find themselves." They sign up for different art classes or sports and clubs and play the fool until they have an "aha" moment. A lot of older people either know what they like or are set in a pattern of doing things just because they do them without really knowing what they like. Shaking things up and being the hapless explorer isn't such a bad idea if it leads to finding a passion and people with common interests. It's also a great way to break the ice when an activity or group just isn't "your thing."

Social clubs, fitness classes, health and wellness sessions, and community meet-ups are generally safe and fun ways to meet other retired singles. Finding a club based on an old interest or a new one, such as cooking or playing bridge, and taking exercise classes beyond the usual, maybe yoga or boxing, are a couple of ways to connect. Volunteering in the community or at a local church or nonprofit can help you find like-minded or even like-hearted people to serve alongside while serving others.

Do what you know you like and try what you think you might like and you could find your niche, as well as a possible match.

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