5 Tips for Retiree Sexual Health

Rediscovery Yourself

Old age is a time of lots of change -- living situations can alter, loved ones pass away, and health and physical appearance metamorphose. Some of these changes cause a sense of loss, but it's also a chance to grow in different ways.

If a partner or spouse dies, your romantic life can still flourish once you've made it through your grief. Dating again after possibly decades of being with one person can be a little scary, but also exciting.

Getting used to an empty house? Get rid of clutter and fill your home with things that make you happy -- and maybe try something completely different in the way of aesthetics. Feeling bored? Stop by the adult recreation center and learn Spanish.

Getting older can negatively affect a person's perception of his or her desirability. After all, Hollywood and advertisers seldom celebrate sagging skin. However, once you've made it through 70 years or so on this Earth, isn't it about time to get free of societal expectations?

Celebrate what your body has been through in your lifetime and appreciate what it can still do. And remember that sex and intimacy aren't over at any age.

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