5 Resistance Band Exercises for Seniors

Seated Hip Flexion Exercises for Chronic Back Pain

About 80 percent of North Americans report they experience lower back pain, and about 85 percent of those report their pain is chronic. Whether you suffer from occasional or daily back pain, a study conducted at the University of Alberta found that resistance training improved participants' symptoms by about 60 percent in just 16 weeks.

To help ease lower back pain and increase the flexibility of your hip joints, try this hip flexion exercise:

  1. While sitting in a chair, wrap a resistance band around the lower thigh of your left leg.
  2. Step on the ends of the band with your right foot to keep it in place.
  3. With your knee still bent, slowly lift your left foot off the ground.
  4. Lift your foot as high as possible, and then hold it.
  5. Lower your foot and repeat with the right leg.

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