5 Water Exercises for Seniors

Water Aerobics

Most of us are familiar with aerobic exercises, also called endurance exercises -- these include activities such as walking, dancing and step class at the gym. This type of exercise increases our heart rates and offers substantial heart and lung health benefits in addition to weight loss or weight management. Aerobic exercise also helps to improve our moods.

What you might not be familiar with is the idea of doing aerobic exercise while immersed in water. Aqua aerobics classes are offered at many local gyms, fitness centers and YMCAs. Some are tailored toward one specific type of exercise such as water dancing, walking or running, while others combine various aerobic activities -- everything from jumping jacks to dancing. A typical class will likely last about an hour, including time to warm-up and cool-down, during which you'll be immersed in water that's roughly chest-deep.

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