5 Water Exercises for Seniors

Strength Training

If you think you can't benefit from strength training, also called resistance training, think again. Forty-five percent of women age 65 and older can't lift 10 pounds. And that jumps to 65 percent of women who are 75 or older [source: Nied and Franklin].

Practicing strength training at least two days every week can help to reduce your risk of straining to pick up a jug of milk, for example. It's a slow form of exercise that forces your muscles to work against resistance, in turn making those muscles stronger.

Traditional, out-of-water strength training may use free weights, an elastic resistance band or a cable machine. When practiced in water, though, there are added benefits. While the resistance could still be from weights, bands or other equipment, the water itself also provides resistance when you move. Additionally, the added buoyancy helps reduce the stress that exercise can place on joints, knees and hips, reducing chronic pain and increasing your range of motion.

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