Human Face Transplant: One of the Most Controversial Procedures Becomes a Medical Reality

The first face transplant occurred in a Hollywood movie. But a horrific accident that ripped off the face of nine-year-old Sandeep Kaur has made a human face transplant a medical reality. Sandeep's face and scalp were torn off and then reattached, making doctors believe that a face transplant is possible.

Many doctors were inspired by the procedure done on Sandeep 10 years ago, and their goal is to transform the lives of the seriously disfigured like Jacqui Saburido whose life changed completely after being hit by a drunk driver.


"There comes a point when you have done all the research you can do and the only way to move forward is to take that step and do it in a human being," says John Barker, the man behind the team of experts that wants to perform one of the most controversial procedures of all time.

"If we hold off and wait, it'll never get done. There has to be one that is the first one," says surgeon, lawyer and team member Serge Martinez.

"Just to give a person the ability to look in the mirror and say this is a human face again is nothing short of miraculous," says team member Joe Banis, one of the top reconstructive surgeons in the United States who's renowned for his ability to rebuild faces.

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