Lifestyle Lift: Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About The Procedure

Q . What type of anesthesia is used?

A. Most cosmetic surgery procedures use general anesthesia. The Lifestyle Lift® procedure uses only local anesthesia (a mixture of 1% Lidocaine with Epinephrine). This eliminates many of the potential complications associated with general anesthesia.

Q. Is there any pain during the procedure?
Most patients do not typically experience pain during the procedure.

Q. Is there any pain after the procedure?
Some patients may experience mild discomfort after the procedure.  However, your doctor will outline a pain management regimen to ease any pain or discomfort.

Q. How soon after the procedure can I resume work?
Everyone recovers differently, but most patients typically resume work one week after the Lifestyle Lift® procedure.

Q. Where will the procedure take place?
The procedure is done onsite, in an operating room at the Lifestyle Lift® offices.

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