Blood Type Diet: What You Need to Know

Blood Type Diet Plan


­Let's start with the basics -- your blood type. If you're unaware of this important factor, you'll need to figure it out because it'll dictate your food plan. You can find out by having a simple blood test done at your doctor's office. Knowing your blood type will allow you to focus on the foods that the diet prescribes in order to raise your immunity to disease and result in improved health [source: Health].

After determining your blood type, you can simply eat the foods that Dr. D'Adamo has designated as appropriate. Also, Dr. D'Adamo provides lists of foods that he believes your antigens would rather you avoid. There aren't many regulations on portions, so that's up to you [source: Kellow].

Exercise is a large aspect of the blood type diet. And if you're in it for health and weight loss, it's probably one of the most important aspects in reaching your goal. Just like there are specific foods that work with specific blood types, the diet claims that certain blood types are better suited for specific forms of exercise. Here's a breakdown of which exercise routines work with each different blood type:

  • A -- Calming, mind-balancing exercises are said to complement type A blood. This would include practices such as yoga, walking or Pilates.
  • B -- Dr. D'Adamo feels this blood type is born with a strong immune system and does well with moderate levels of cardio exercise that require concentration, such as tennis or swimming.
  • AB -- The blood type diet designates this group as a complex mixture of A and B. Therefore, you determine your exercise regime by finding a happy medium between the two or mixing up your exercise habits.
  • O -- Those with O blood are thought to have descended from hunters. Therefore, Dr. D'Adamo says intense, physical cardio exercise is what they need to get a quality workout. This involves contact sports and anything that raises heart rate [source: D'Adamo].

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