Detox Diet: What You Need to Know

Detox Diet Plan

­As far as diets go, the detox diet is quite a restrictive one. The diet requires you to give up many foods that have ingredients believed to be toxins. Because it's so restrictive, experts recommend that dieters only rely on the detox plan for a small amount of time. And it's best to make sure you have no pressing health issues that could be complicated by such a rigorous diet.

Though there are several detox diets out there, the most basic one involves three days of fasting on water and then 10 days of a monotrophic diet. A monotrophic diet is just a fancy term for limiting yourself to one type of fruit per meal [source: The Diet Channel]. In between lunch and dinner, though, some detox diets do allow a large glass of fresh carrot juice.

After following the plan for 13 days, according to this basic type of detox diet, you would then ease into a more normal diet by eating strictly raw food [source: Sidhwa].

In addition to the food regimen, some detox diets will advise that you take time each day to perform a complete body cleansing. There are several ways to aid your detox diet plan, whether it's with herbs, baths or saunas [source: How to Detox]. Some diets even suggest laxatives or enemas to help the process along [source: Moores].

Now that you know what a basic detox diet plan involves, you might be curious to find out exactly what kinds of foods are permitted. Click to the next page to find out the specific detox diet foods.