Special K Diet: What You Need to Know

Special K Diet Plan

Let's boil the plan down to what it does. If you follow the diet recommended by Special K, you will eat two meals each day with Special K brand foods and have your third meal of the day open to whatever you choose. According to the Special K Web site, if you follow this plan, you could lose up to six pounds in two weeks.

There are only a few restrictions on the diet as a whole. In order to stick to the low-fat idea, the milk you use on your cereal should be skim milk. And as for calorie counting, you can't eat more than your allotted serving size when it comes to the Special K products - so that limits your calorie consumption up to a certain point. However, there are no restrictions regarding fat content or calories when it comes to your one "free" meal each day. During that meal, you are allowed to eat whatever you want. Of course, it would be in your best interest to make healthy choices at this time. For example, you might want to opt for items that you're otherwise missing, like fiber. Some fiber-rich foods include fruit, brown rice and beans [source: EveryDiet.com]. .

As with any diet that focuses on a particular brand or type of food, one of the potential negatives of the Special K Diet is boredom. For some, the thought of eating the same type of cereal or cereal bar for breakfast, lunch and snacks every day for two weeks is unthinkable. But for others, there might just be enough variety within the Special K food line for them to make it. Currently, the cereal comes in a variety of flavors, including Red Berries, Cinnamon Pecan, Fruit and Yogurt and Vanilla Almond [source: Special K.com ].

If you are having trouble imagining what a sample day would look like on the Special K Diet plan, consider this:

  • Breakfast - Fruit and Yogurt cereal and skim milk
  • Morning snack - Mixed Berry protein water
  • Lunch - Double Chocolate protein meal bar
  • Afternoon snack - Chocolate Peanut snack bar
  • Dinner - Baked or grilled chicken or fish accompanied by two vegetables

[source: Choose Your Diet].

Keep in mind that the overall plan is to have two snacks, two cereal meals and one "your choice" meal, so any one of your three meals can be your choice; it doesn't always have to be dinner.

Will this plan help you lose weight? Keep reading to find out if the Special K Diet really does work.