Sugar Busters Diet: What You Need to Know

Sugar Busters Side Effects

The Sugar Busters diet, as we mentioned, hasn't been tested or backed by a sea of studies, so its long-term effects aren't yet known. We do know that the diet cuts back on some important vitamins and minerals by restricting certain foods [source: Reese]. For instance, the diet denies you bananas, which have potassium. Potassium is an essential component of our health.

Also, Sugar Busters is thought to be a potential hazard for people with diabetes. The danger comes when a person follows the book instead of consulting their doctor. The diet claims that if diabetics follow the guidelines, they'll see a decreased need for insulin shots and oral hypoglycemic aids [source: Mendosa]. But any diabetic should check with a doctor before starting the Sugar Busters diet.

A third concern about the Sugar Busters diet is its effect on the kidneys and liver. Some doctors have mentioned the fact that diets that increase protein levels may cause the body to release too much calcium. This excess calcium can damage certain internal organs. High-protein diets might also be the cause of tiredness, weakness and irritability [source: Zelman].

The Sugar Busters authors reference many success stories. But, as with any diet, you shouldn't rely on it as the sole method of making that extra weight vanish -- exercise is a good addition too.

Feeling like you're ready to bust some sugar? There's one more thing you should consider; before beginning any diet plan, it's a good idea to consult your physician.

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