5 Ab Exercises You Can Do At Work


Core Leg Lift

Office work often resembles Sir Isaac Newton's First Law of Motion: An object at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an external force. Though her work as a columnist requires her to spend hours at the computer, Yeager employs a number of subtle exercises to keep her muscles, and particularly her abdominals, engaged. "We need those little bursts of activity (throughout the day)," she said [source: Yeager].

One of Yeager's favorite office exercises is the core leg lift, which works the deep abdominal muscles, the quadriceps and the hip flexors. To try it:

  • Sit up tall in your seat. Contract your abs and lift one foot off the floor about six inches, so the knee comes straight up with the foot directly underneath (maintaining a 90-degree bend in the knee).
  • Hold for 10 seconds and slowly lower it while relaxing your abs.
  • Repeat with the opposite leg.
  • Alternate throughout the exercise.

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