5 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

Jump-rope Simulation

So far, you've learned some exercises to build strength. However, you can also get your heart pumping in your work space with a nice dose of aerobic exercise. Just make sure you have enough open space to not harm yourself. You may also want to wait until your cube mates step away, unless you welcome questions about what you are doing on the other side of the wall. Or, take the opposite approach and invite them to join in.

Jean Lawrence for WebMD suggests incorporating jump-rope simulation into your workday. This exercise is performed just as you would suspect -- pretend to jump-rope [source: Lawrence]. Clasp the imaginary ends of your rope and start jumping. You can jump from one foot to another, or hop with both legs at the same time.

Keep up your imaginary play and try some shadow boxing, which is pretending to box. Or go old-school with some tried-and-true jumping jacks.

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