5 New Gym Bag Accessories

Staying Healthy Image Gallery A good gym bag has separate compartments for shoes and dirty clothes. See more pictures of staying healthy.

In previous decades, fitness buffs had few choices when it came to choosing a gym bag. Selections were limited to single compartment bags in a limited range of sizes and colors. Shoes, clothing and other gear were all grouped together, and users took their chances on those clothes and other belongings staying clean and dry.

Fortunately, manufacturers have started to recognize the need for a better gym bag, and have introduced new models that meet the needs of the modern gym-goer. Gone are the days of the boring duffle bag with the single, zippered compartment for all your gear. Today's gym bags come with exciting new features that make exercising easy and convenient, giving you one less excuse to skip a workout. Whether you're new to the fitness scene or an experienced power lifter, you have your choice of stylish, functional bags that offer all the extras you need to maximize your time at the gym.