5 New Gym Bag Accessories


Dedicated Space for Your Yoga Mat

Any yoga fan can tell you that the average gym bag is simply not large enough to accommodate a yoga mat. Those who wish to skip the house mats at the gym are forced to leave the end of the mat sticking out of a gym bag, which makes it easy for the mat to roll out and hit the floor. Others simply juggle both a regular gym bag and a hand-held yoga mat as they travel to and from the gym.

As more and more mainstream fitness centers have added yoga classes, manufacturers have responded by creating gym bags that can easily hold a yoga mat in addition to your regular gym gear. These bags include sleeves, straps or bungee cords that allow users to attach a yoga mat to the surface of a standard gym bag. These sleeves and straps hold your mat securely in place as you travel to and from the gym, allowing you to cool down and stretch out after your workout.

Best of all, these bags help keep your yoga mat separate from the rest of your gear, which allows your mat to stay dry and free of germs. Even better, you'll be able to skip the loaner mats at the gym, which are prime territory for germs and bacteria.