5 New Gym Bag Accessories


Media Compartments for Music Players and More

Many gym bags have separate pockets for everything from an iPod to a laptop.
Many gym bags have separate pockets for everything from an iPod to a laptop.

Today's gym goers often rely on modern technology to maximize sports performance or stay energized through a long cardio session. Between music players, cell phones and heart rate monitors, many workout buffs could benefit from a separate gym bag just to hold electronics. Rather than tossing these gadgets in with your damp clothes and gym shoes, choose a bag with separate media compartments designed to protect these items from damage.

A media compartment is designed to keep cell phones and other electronics all in one spot, which prevents you from digging through your bag to find a ringing phone. These compartments are made from moisture-proof materials to keep your gadgets in working order, and often feature a fleece or fabric lining that's designed to prevent scratches. Some bags even feature a built-in laptop sleeve to take you straight from the office to the gym without forcing you to lug two separate bags all over town. Laptop sleeves in your gym bag may also help conceal your computer from thieves, who are more likely to spot a dedicated laptop case.

If you walk or jog to the gym, look for a bag with a media pocket built into the carry strap. This special compartment makes it easy to listen to tunes as you travel, helping you to stay pumped up for your workout.