5 New Gym Bag Accessories


Shoe Compartments

The single-compartment gym bags of the past forced users to store gym shoes and clean clothing in a single area. Those who wanted to keep stinky sneakers away from other gear were forced to juggle multiple bags or carry shoes by hand. Fortunately, gym bag makers have finally responded by creating bags with a separate compartment designed just for shoes.

Pre-workout, these compartments help to protect your clean clothes from dirt or debris on your shoes. They also provide a barrier between smelly shoes and other gear. Post-workout, a separate shoe compartment gives gym shoes a place to dry out as you head home or to the office.

Look for gym bags with side pockets made of mesh that keep your shoes secure while allowing for maximum exposure to the air. This type of design provides the most effective option for those who perform extra-hard workouts that leave shoes subject to large amounts of sweat and moisture. Gym goers who primarily exercise indoors can typically benefit from separate vented compartments for shoes. For added protection, choose a bag with an antimicrobial shoe compartment that helps keep germs and odors at a minimum.

Maintaining a dedicated workout routine is hard enough without worrying about your gear. Take advantage of the latest gym bag extras that help you eliminate excuses and make fitting in fitness as convenient as possible.

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