5 Office Exercise Tips

A walking meeting is a great way to squeeze exercise into your busy workday.
A walking meeting is a great way to squeeze exercise into your busy workday.

We all lead busy lives. Often, our most hectic times center on work. Whether we have a typical 9-to-5 job, or something less traditional, when our jobs get crazy, they give us one more reason to neglect our fitness. That's especially true if we're sitting behind a desk.

"What I find is people make excuses, and I've heard them all," said Jeremee Norman, a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist and co-owner of B&S Sports Science, in Salem, Mass. "When you have that 9-to-5 [work schedule], unless they wake up early to get in a workout, they're usually tired after work, and they just want to go home and see their family."

However, if we want to be healthy, it's essential to make fitness as much a priority as the job [source: Norman]. Plus, you're likely to have an advocate in your boss, since fit workers are usually more alert and more efficient, which leads to more productivity and a healthier bottom line.

"Time studies show when people do piecework, they're actually more productive when they take a break," said occupational therapist Sherlyn Fenton, an ergonomics expert and owner of Quality Rehabilitation Services [source: Fenton]. "They don't want to take a rest, because they get paid per piece. But they're more productive -- and make more money -- when they actually give their body a bit of a rest."

Or a quick workout. Up next: exercise without the sweat.