5 Office Exercise Tips


Need to Work out? No Sweat.

The very term "workout" can be intimidating. It conjures images of dark gyms, barbells, suffering and -- worst of all -- sweat. That's not exactly conducive to the workplace, particularly if you don't have shower facilities. But any time we move, any time we activate our muscles, we're doing something good for our body.

"Just get up and go," ergonomics expert Fenton said [source: Fenton]. "Change your position. Stretch. You don't even need resistance. A longer muscle is a stronger muscle. You need to stretch your neck, stretch your shoulders, stretch your wrists."

Better fitness can be as simple as deep breathing.

"Full inhalations and full exhalations, allowing the breath to expand your body, can really relax you," said PJ O'Clair, a Stott Pilates master instructor trainer and an American Council on Exercise certified trainer.

O'Clair also advocates standing arm swings -- gently rotating the body side to side, using the weight of your arms for momentum -- for increased energy, and seated exercises such as shoulder shrugs, shoulder blade squeezes and knee squeezes to improve posture. None require enormous effort, so you don't have to worry about working up a sweat. But the health benefits are palpable.

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