5 Office Exercise Tips


Exercise Loves Company

It's difficult to keep in shape on the job when you feel like you have to go it alone. You don't. Just don't be overly selective. A workout partner isn't someone you're competing against -- or even someone who's on the same athletic level. Instead, think of your partner as a teammate who'll force you into doing something. Office workers often make the mistake of putting so much emphasis on their jobs that they ignore their fitness needs. A workout partner helps you keep your workout a priority [source: Norman].

In addition to helping you to stay on schedule, exercise partners at work can be a sounding board -- and a support network. Having a personal trainer is nice, but it can expensive. All you really need is someone to help keep you on track.

"You're accountable to somebody," said Donna Furse, a USA Triathlon certified Level 1 coach, a registered nurse and mother of four [source: Furse]. "You might be busy, or you might be tired, but you're accountable. Having a partner forces you to do the workout."

Again, you don't have to go overboard -- baby steps are OK.

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