5 Office Exercise Tips


Little Helpers, Big Results

The average office, or even cubicle, has all the basics you need to energize your body and mind. Using your own body weight, you can employ your desk for push-ups and dips, or your chair for tricep dips (careful if the chair has wheels).

Coaches Norman and Furse are big proponents of replacing your desk chair with an inflatable physio ball, if only for part of the day. However, Fenton cautions against using it all day if you're not ready, adding that you want to support -- not fatigue -- your core [source: Fenton].

Elastic resistance bands are another great tool for subtle exercises that can get your blood pumping to your fingertips and your toes. Norman suggests occasional 2-minute exercise breaks that not only split up the workday monotony, but also provide a small dose of activity. Furse uses resistance bands for a host of exercises, including seated bicep curls, standing side bends and side walks.

For people who spend much of the day typing, O'Clair recommends small, 2-pound toning balls for wrist curls and wrist circles. Those subtle exercises will keep the forearm muscles active, preventing the imbalance that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. But avoid squeezable "stress balls" as an exercise tool, since overuse can fatigue the forearms muscles, leaving them susceptible to injury [source: Norman].

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