5 Office Exercise Tips


Walk This Way

Walking is recognized as one of the best all-body workouts available, though its fitness benefits are rarely fully appreciated. Relatively low impact, but incorporating most major muscle groups, walking is a terrific at-work exercise option.

Walk every time it's an option. Instead of driving doorstep to doorstep, consider cycling or strolling part of the way to the office. Park the car farther from the office, or get off the bus a few stops earlier. Instead of e-mailing or phoning an in-house colleague, stroll over to his or her desk. And forego the elevator for the stairs. Meetings, especially brainstorming sessions, can sometimes lend themselves to group walks. If you're worried about unwanted distractions, plan the walk beforehand to get people energized [source: Norman].

Lunch is also another great time for a midday walking workout. We don't need an hour to eat, and a vigorous lunchtime walk will actually help with digestion [source: Norman]. However, a speedy saunter doesn't give us free license to eat whatever we want. Keep an eye on portion size and consider taking lunch around 1 p.m. to avoid an afternoon trip to the vending machine [source: Fenton].

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Is exercising at work widely accepted?

Is exercising at work widely accepted?

Is exercising at work widely accepted? Visit Discovery Fit & Health to learn if exercising at work is widely accepted.