5 Warm Weather Office Workout Ideas


Improvise Your Exercise

Do you think your job leaves you little time to work out? You don't have to make it to the gym every day to get in exercise. Small moves add up. Obesity expert James O'Hill believes people can lose weight simply by increasing the amount of steps in their day [source: Zelman].

Apply this philosophy and start parking your car as far away from your office building as possible each morning, or start walking to your favorite restaurant for lunch. In the winter months, inclement weather may make these actions less than ideal. The warm-weather seasons, however, are a prime time to take the parking-lot hike and start accumulating steps. You'll find it much more enjoyable than the monotony of a treadmill.

There are also other gym exercises that can be modified for outdoor, workday workouts. Ditch the stair-climber for the steps outside your office building. You might also want to trade the stationary bike for what's next on our list. Keep reading to find out.