5 Warm Weather Office Workout Ideas


Become One With the Outdoors

When the weather is warm and beautiful, a lot of people look for excuses to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, chirping birds and green grass. If you find yourself escaping the confines of your office building for lunches, breaks and even quick breathers, you might be inspired by meditative exercises like yoga or tai chi -- activities that were meant to be done in nature rather than on conference room floors.

Even just a bit of stretching will leave you feeling more renewed. However, the fast pace of a typical workday can make it challenging for many people to slow down, reflect and get centered. If possible, find a spot that's a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of workplace activity, but is still inspiring. This will allow you to perform your moves with a relative amount of peace.

On a more practical note, make sure you bring along a mat if you're going to be doing yoga outdoors.

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