5 Warm Weather Office Workout Ideas


Take Teamwork to a New Level

Some corporations send employees on retreats to embark upon teambuilding activities like the notorious "falling" exercise where an individual plunges backward into a pile of co-workers and expects to be safely caught. Perhaps a simpler, more old-fashioned approach would be just as effective: competitive team sports. And -- bonus -- you'd get more exercise that way, too.

If your company has a team in an after-work sports league, take advantage of the opportunity to get fit with your co-workers. Warm-weather sports like softball will really get you sweating. You might even try something new and unique like adult dodgeball.

If your company doesn't have any sports leagues, consider starting one. Impromptu after-work games like pick-up basketball are another fun, active option.

You'll find lots more fitness information below.

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Is exercising at work widely accepted?

Is exercising at work widely accepted?

Is exercising at work widely accepted? Visit Discovery Fit & Health to learn if exercising at work is widely accepted.